Middle School Program in Frisco, TX

Ages 12-15

At our Starwood Academy of Frisco campus, we have created a unique, thoughtfully designed Middle School program that integrates Montessori pedagogy with developing trends and the latest educational and Neuroscience research. Our program facilitates the adolescence's meaningful connection to the world. It fosters each individual’s creation of a healthy, holistic and strong sense of self. It prepares the adolescent both academically and socially for High School and beyond.

Middle School Program

Learning In and Out of the Classroom

In our Secondary Program, students work through five curriculum cycles, each with a unique focus and in-depth approach featuring group projects, independent research, and critical thinking activities. Between each cycle, students are given a break from the classroom with immersion weeks that include community service, field trips, and internships. Here’s a closer look at how these cycles promote a more well-rounded education with a rigorous yet approachable curriculum.

  • Curriculum Cycles – Students will work through the themes of the Natural World, Social World, Personal World, Mathematics, and Language Arts. Activities such as cultural studies, writing workshops, scientific experiments, and collaborative classroom discussions will deepen student understanding and keep all members of the classroom engaged in each new subject. In the Math Cycle, students follow a self-paced path with individualized progressive lessons in pre-algebra and geometry that cater to their unique needs.
  • Immersion Weeks – With immersion weeks, students are able to get away from the classroom environment and get involved with the community around them. This helps them build social relationships and learn effective time-management skills while establishing a stronger sense of community.

Unique Challenges in Middle School

To help students work through the challenges of personal development during Middle School, our Secondary Program is focused on subjects beyond the traditional academic curriculum. The Personal World unit allows for personal reflection and education in areas like nutrition, friendships, and balanced lifestyles. Students are free to discuss their worldviews and find constructive solutions for coping with the emotions of this transitional age. Elective coursework that promotes creative expression is also important to our Secondary Program, and students are able to choose their own elective programs as part of their independent learning.

If you are exploring educational opportunities for your child in Frisco, you will not want to overlook Starwood Academy of Frisco. You can learn more about our school by calling us at (972) 885-8585 to schedule a tour of our campus.

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