Elementary Program in Frisco, TX

Ages 6-12

Children have an amazing capacity to learn when they are between the ages of 6 and 12. In our classrooms, students may excel at different rates and progress at their own pace. In a traditional Elementary School environment, students who advance faster than others may be bored as lessons progress, while other students might not fully grasp the material before the next subject is introduced. With the Starwood Academy of Friscos Elementary Program, students are on their own paths for learning with self-paced lessons guided by Montessori-certified instructors who are familiar with each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Lower Elementary Program

Individualized Learning Paths

By the time students reach the Lower Elementary Program at Starwood Academy of Frisco, they have been encouraged to work independently in the classroom and take responsibility for their learning. Teachers track each student’s progress while guiding them through individually tailored academic plans. This empowers students to take charge of their growth and development, both socially and academically. Yet, there are also group lessons that continue to polish students’ social skills and inspire teamwork in the classroom.

Student-Accessible Technology

In order to promote the use of technology, each Elementary classroom is equipped with an interactive SMART Board. The SMART Board helps teachers facilitate group learning and highlight important information. There are also computers in every classroom, which students may use for internet research, cultural exchange, and familiarizing themselves with technology. To further their technological education, Elementary students also take supplementary technology courses

Challenging, Self-Paced Curriculum

The curriculum in the Starwood Academy of Frisco Elementary classroom may be self-paced but it continues to challenge students and teaches them to think creatively. In every subject, students may self-correct and work at their own pace for sequential lessons in each academic area. This promotes self-reliance and a love for learning that can last for a lifetime.

To see how students succeed at Starwood Academy of Frisco in our Elementary program, call us at (972) 885-8585 to schedule a tour of our Frisco campus. With a modern perspective on the Montessori Method, we can provide a great foundation for your child’s academic success. 

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