Children cannot be taught to love learning — they must discover it on their own. The magic of imagination, the spark of understanding, the excitement of exploration … these are all wonders that happen differently for each child; deeply personal experiences that must be nurtured so that every child has the opportunity to experience their joys.

This is what happens at Starwood Academy of Frisco every day. An authentic Montessori experience and vibrant school community, Starwood Academy of Frisco allow bright, curious children to take ownership of their education, gaining a love for lifelong learning on the way.

By giving children — from toddler through the middle school years — the autonomy to pursue their interests and motivations in a healthy, controlled environment, Starwood Academy of Frisco transforms students into:


Engaged Learners

Exploring at their own pace: Starwood students develop a passion for learning and individual growth that lasts throughout their lives. They understand that success is defined through progress, not necessarily a grade or test score.


Middle School Starwood


Confident Individuals

Developing their own values: Students not only gain academic skills, but also a strong sense of self as they develop focus and concentration, collaboration and independent thinking. Each child feels valued and respected as their own person.




Prepared Achievers

Choosing their own paths: Individually-tailored academic plans crafted around each child’s interests provide students with a well-rounded education while naturally helping them develop the self-discipline they need to succeed in any future environment.

Primary Student Starwood Schools

When children graduate from Starwood Academy of Frisco, they are not just successful students — they are successful learners who truly value education and welcome new opportunities. They are the critical thinkers and future leaders who will lead us into the next generation.

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